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Deltamotion Hip

The Deltamotion has been a revolution in Hip reconstructive surgery in the young and active patient. The key factor in restoring Range of movement and to prevent dislocation in a hip is the size of the ball that is used. Conventional hips always had small head due to technical and manufacturing limitations However now there has been a significant landmark breakthrough in this technology.

Large head ceramic on ceramic bearings (natural size) are now possible and this prosthesis is known as delta motion. This is made feasible by a factory fitted ceramic lining in contrast to previous generation ceramic hips where the liner has to be fitted during surgery. This limits the size of the head whereas the factory fitted Deltamotion allows much larger head size.

We refer this as the natural hip.

This is a big advantage for patients in Asia/ Middle East who want to sit on the floor etc.
Traditional hip replacement was characterized by 3 core issues.

  1. A small head in the bearing ( independent of the size of the patients own femoral head) which made it prone for dislocations and curtailed activity
  2. A plastic socket which wore out rapidly esp in younger active patients 3. Difficult in doing further surgery in the future should it be needed.

The Deltamotion hip eliminates the 3 weak links by offering the following:

  1. A natural head size which permits the patient to do all activities like sitting cross legged on the floor and yoga etc
  2. Deltaceramic on Deltaceramic bearing ( This is the best bearing available till date amongst all bearing and has the potential to last 30 yrs + and possibly even be a permanent solution
  3. The Deltamotion is combined with a bone conserving stem and revision friendly technique which can easily be revised to another stem should the need arise decades into the future.

Deltamotion - The high performance hip:

The Deltamotion hip is one of the 3 options available on modern hip arthroplasty where the head size is incremental to the native head size. Thus in a way the size of the head is customized to the patient unlike any other type of hip replacement.

Patients Who have had the Deltamotion hip at AJRI showing the ability to sit on the floor cross legged on the floor easily .

Importance of the Deltamotion hip in Asia:

Asians have very small bone size compared to the Caucasian population. In most peoples of Asia, the average acetabular size in the female patient is 46 – 48 and many times it can be as small as 42. In this small socket size the head size that can be used is only 28 and sometimes as small as 22.

Additionally from a cultural context, Asians tend to do many activities which are in the extreme range like sitting on the floor and kneeling down. The small head size is incompatible with kind of activities.

Due to the factory fitted Deltamotion hip large head sizes are possible with even small acetabular size. Thus the Deltamotion in more relevant in Asia than in any other part of the world.

Advantages of the modern Deltaceramic over earlier ceramics:

Biolox forte

Biolox Delta

The modern Deltaceramic is immune to fracture for all practical purposes. The only way it can possibly break is by not seating the liner properly. However as the Deltamotion liner is factory fitted this possibility does not arise. Thus we can allow running and impact activities with the Deltamotion hip.

The importance of cup placement in Deltamotion hip:

The Deltamotion is a hard on hard bearing. The component placement is integral to the success of hard on hard bearing. The best cup placement is getting an ideal CAVA angle described in the home page of this site. Few x-rays of the patients who underwent Deltamotion hip in AJRI. You will note the ideal cava angle in all the hips.

Technique of insertion of the Deltamotion Monobloc Cup:

Monobloc cups like the Deltamotion and BHR are notoriously difficult to insert correctly in a predictable fashion. Many surgeons do not use Deltamotion precisely because they find the cup difficult to insert. Many times they find that the Monobloc cup do not bottom out or it is found to be loose after insertion. This situation cannot be salvaged with additional screws as Monobloc cups do not have the provision of the same Dr. Vijay C. Bose has developed the soft fit technique as a tool to teach other surgeons to insert the Deltamotion cup in a consistent manner.

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