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Fused Hip Take Down

Our unit has the largest experience of fused hip take down in the world over 55 patients. It is one of the most rewarding procedures to do in orthopaedics. The patient’s life is transformed after the procedure. From a state of gross immobility – the patient becomes near normal. More than 50 % of patients with a hip fusion develop back pain, knee pain or opposite side hip pain.

Indications for Fused hip Take down:

  • Fusion in a unfavourable position
  • Pain in the back or knee which could be attributed to fusion
  • Bilateral fused hips
  • Inability to do activities of daily living

Ankylosing spondylitis and bony fusion of hip:

Ankylosiing spondlyitis is a very common disorder in Asian and specifically in India and China . Very often these patients have fusion on both sides. This is a indication for surgical take down. We have described many new innovation in the surgery of fusion hip take down.

When the patient is positioned on the side at the time of the surgical procedure the limb can be seen to be suspended in Mid air.

Fusion Take down - Surgical technique:

  • Intercalary osteotomy
  • Finding the pulvinar fat
  • Assessing depth of medial wall
  • Placing the acetabulam in the native location

Placing the acetabular shell in the native socket is of paramount importance

Complex situation - when limb is in ext rotation:

This intrinsically demanding procedure can be even more complex if the lower limb is turned outward ( ext . Rotation). In this situation a spl approach knows and dual approach has to be done. The photographs given below depict the various surgical steps of the dual approach.

Examples of Fused hip Take down done in our unit:

The top row pics show the preop appearance and the bottom 3 show the post op appearance. It is very crucial that the socket is placed at the true floor. If not the patient will not be happy with the procedure.

The story of the amazing Diarmuid Brannick

By Kitty Holland

Dublin- Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Diarmuid Brannick (32) will attempt to make the 100km round trip on crutches over three days to raise awareness about a rare medical disorder. He has been crippled with a rare progressive, rheumatic condition known as Ankylosing Spondylitis since he was 17. By the time he was 19 it had destroyed his hip joints and led them to fuse to his pelvis, leaving him in constant pain and unable to walk without crutches.

He preferred not to have surgery when he was younger, instead pursuing natural healing. He has, however, concluded surgery is the best option for him. Having researched widely, he is to be operated on by an India-based surgeon, Dr Vijay Bose at Chennai Photographs during the fusion take down surgery of Diarmuid Brannidk performed by Dr. Vijay C. Bose

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